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06-30-2011, 11:02 PM
Good post. I am in the firm belief that this game needs more open pvp. We need a place that is big enough to allow players from both factions to enter and duke it out without the confines of an arena. I love pvp in this game, but I want something more open and less confined than a 5 on 5 arena match or slightly larger capture and hold match.

I know that the devs are making forays into something like this as new open pvp instances that were introduced on tribble (and recently removed to work on them), but these are just the first steps in what may lead to a more meaningful and open pvp system for STO.

I cannot wait for this type of pvp to be introduced and expanded upon. My only addition to your comments is that while an open pvp zone would be great, there should still be some type of reward for participating, in xp and marls/emblems. I would not mind spending an altís lvling process in mostly pvp and open pvp without queues would be a very fun way to do this as waiting for the queue to pop can take forever at certain level brackets.