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06-30-2011, 11:23 PM
Originally Posted by ainu
I tried sending you tells a coujple times in game, and eventually mailed you about this, though I never saw any sort of reply from you. Did you get any of my messages? I haven't tried getting in touch with you again lately as I have been having an ironic issue with another character who can't level up despite trying.

Hey, ainu, I did get the in-game Mail (missed the tells, but that may just be because I have Chat closed pretty often, especially when in PvP ), I sent a response, but I sent it from my phone, and sometimes it doesn't send those properly... In any case, we'd love to get you through Infected, at least.

Any chance you'll be free on Sunday?

-Big Red

P.S. Of course, with the 50-100 Auction Lot emails that I seem to get a day, even when people do send me Mail, sometimes they get lost in the shuffle. LOL