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07-01-2011, 06:47 AM
Originally Posted by Satchmo.
My forum name back then was Spacemanspiff, but my BoK name was always Satchmo.

I know what you mean about Granalda, it was crazy busy back then when we had instant pvp queues at every level. And you are probably right, sometimes i wonder how many active Klingons know about BoK. We were by far the biggest klingon fleet at launch, about 300 members if i remember right. That's what kills me when people say nobody wants to play Klingon, or 12 percent of player base whatever . . . we had decent numbers at launch. Not Fed numbers, but numbers. Too bad things turned out the way they did, but that's what happens when games release unfinished.

I will be looking to try the new "open pvp" transport raids when S4 is released, feel free to look me up if you want to team up.
Ok ok Spaceman ya that rings a bell I was just some low lvl guy , name was just ch'torgh then.Ya I don't remember how many was in the fleet when I joined I just remember ppl auto~quiting when they seen our fleet name in pvp haha think that was part of the reason I left "Only in battle is a Klingon truly a Klingon" I wanted to fight more.

But ya open pvp count me in would be a honor to ride with once more Satchmo of Blood Of Kahless.