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# 132 Ihnoc's Academy Challenge
07-01-2011, 07:30 AM
“A challenge at the academy huh? Well my graduation wasn't so long ago for me or much of my crew. I did pretty well in Xenolinguistics and the various tactical courses. Academically my only real failing was some of the temporal mechanics lessons where I tended to create paradoxes with my solutions. In fact, that was part of the problem. The Prime Directive was my biggest issue at the Academy, including it's temporal variant.”

“You see, every cadet goes through the same training as a Starfleet officer on the directive. But we all perform differently and react to it in all kinds of different situations. You've heard about Picard and how many times he bent the rules. The way I saw it at the Academy, if Picard went on to become a long time captain and ambassador with all those transgressions, why couldn't I?”

“Anyway, eventually we had a practical exam on the directive concerning first contact with a world that needed our seismic technology to stop the planet from falling into itself. The pre-contact reports from officers who had done research on the culture suggested they were on the cusp of their first flight and only a government decision would allow it. Time is running out and the government decides not to go ahead with the flight.”

“So this simulation, which they dressed up as very real, puts me at a dilemma. I don't know what the rest of my class did but I always guessed they meta-gamed it and left the planet alone for the 7 billion inhabitants to die. I took that test 5 times and while it was no Kobayashi Maru, I always failed by initiating the contact anyway. Eventually they passed me for “determined resolve” and I managed to graduate. I still bend the directive. At least now I have the chance to actually do some good, rather than change some variables.”