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07-01-2011, 10:18 AM
Guess I needed to provide so visual reference.....

Akula Class Destroyer

I remember these from StarFleet Command as the first ship you tried to get after starting a game. Tough little ship with great speed and turning. You could challenge a B'rel with decent effort in this ship. While there are a few over/under in STO they all have 4 nacelles. I do like 4 nacelle designs, but a few of these 2 nacelle over/under hull would be nice as well.

The two designs that got me thinking about this were.....

Kingston Class

Not an great upgrade, but get the base idea across. The upper nacelle should sit higher to clear the saucer section. Another idea would be to have the saucer connect to the front of the engineering hull, and have the deflector built into the front of the saucer.

Exeter Class (from Star Trek: Legacy)

This looks like a ship we would have in the STO time era. I see influence from the escort and science ship currently in game. Just a nice sleek design that looks nice and functional. I would enjoy a design simular to this in game.

So hopefully that better explains what I meant.