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07-01-2011, 10:59 AM
Build 1 - Shield stripper

Fore = 2 Tetryon beams 1 Quantum torpedo
Aft = 2 Tetryon beams 1 Quantum torpedo

Aegis set

Eng: 2x + 7 aux power consoles
Sci: 2x +15 Deflector dish 2x +15 Astrometrics
Tac: 2x +22 Tetryon weapons

Efficient Captain
Warp Theorist

Sci Captain skills

This is a PvP space oriented build, so you will notice the lack of ground skills. If you intend to do any ground content, you might want to consider diverting some of the skill points where necessary. I will add that I don't have any problems with regular ground content. Battle Strategy and Combat Manoeuvres are also good skills to have specced, I'm not actually sure why I don't I will probably fix that shortly.

Build 2 - "Griefer"

Fore = 2 Phaser beams 1 Quantum torpedo
Aft = 2 Phaser beams 1 Quantum torpedo

Aegis set

Eng: 7 aux power consoles, +35% Shield cap
Sci: 2x +18 Hazard systems 2x +16 Tractor Beam
Tac: 2x +26 Phaser weapons

Eng captain skills

This build is much tankier than the previous ones. The eng captain skills add a lot to your survival, there are also a few more heals floating about. I call this my "griefer" build, in that all its offensive sci skills are ones that can really annoy other people. I try to be the guy you really want to kill so he goes away, but hopefully can't.
Again this is a PvP space oriented build, so no ground skills, but the same applies. You will notice a wider spread of skills on this build, some that seem unrelated to my BOFF skills, this is to boost some of my captain skills. If I wanted to be extra annoying, I would stick a copy of scramble sensors in there too. But I'm kind

Both of these builds are very effective at what they do. Both carry TBR because it is so freaking fun It can also do a lot of damage. I have seen a max of ~15k straight to hull. The shield stripper will happily drain over 9k shields, more than most escorts have. HY1+2 to pound the hull, TBR to finish the job. The "griefer" will throw ships around the map like a baby having a tantrum.