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07-01-2011, 11:12 AM
I thought that was what you meant...

Yeah, none of the existing ships could be laid out like that. Possibly the Heavy Cruiser, with its four nacelles, you could extend the hull up and down to give it height, and then reduce the wings to nothing, making the nacelles sit side by side, essentially making it the Constellation class. But no other class could be modified that way. At least, not without doing something totally kludgy with the pylons, like making them wrap around the body or something.

However, there have been requests for a unique Constellation class (aka, Picard's Stargazer) in the game. (A new ship, not a costume) This could have all of the above you mentioned as alternate costumes, since the mount points for the pylons would be top and bottom, instead of left and right.

Personally, I would like it, but none of those designs are canon. Of course, most of the alternate costumes in this game aren't canon either, but the point is, the BASE ship on which the alternate costumes are designed IS canon. The Constellation would be a possible jumping in point, but the devs would have to be convinced to do it. And then there are the arguments that Gene Roddenberry rejected nacelle designs that were single, or not paired left to right. (The Constellation, if you look closely, has two sets of paired nacelles, not a nacelle top and bottom)

... Then again, the Prometheus Alpha Section has paired nacelles top and bottom, when the saucer nacelles are extended...