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07-01-2011, 03:38 PM
Mission name : The Hunt (Episode 2, Part 1)
Author: Lokiie1984
Dialog heavy - Very little combat

Captain Drakko, a rogue star fleet captain has murdered ten cardassian children, these children were your friends, people that you helped to save. Emotions boiling, rage spilling over. Hunt down this captain, but will you bring him to the justice the federation would give, or will you fall into the darkness an give him the justice you want to give?

Will you abandon your morals? Hunt him down an find out!

(Follows the events laid out in DS9 - A Mystery)

It also makes use of two of my guild members, Drakko (co guild leader) and Lorna (fleet member) It was alot of fun mixing them both into the story. I highly doubt it would have been as fun to make or play with out em.