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07-01-2011, 05:14 PM
1. I flew the Connie refit until Lt 5 and then Escorts all the way up.

2. I went for the Fleet Escort until VA 1, then the Defiant Refit. I tried more out only because of the 50% ship sale and fell IN LOVE with the Prometheus MVAM. I'm flying a Galaxy X right now but it's only bearable with every engineering console devoted to RCS accelerators and every point and power setting optimized for weapons and turnrate.

3. Honestly? MVAM Prometheus and the Garamba. Maybe the Excelsior slightly.

4. Sovereign, Galaxy X mainly because it's so persnickiety and reliant on the phaser cannon's boost... and the Defiant, which doesn't really benefit from the cloak in PvE. The cloak is almost a necessity for the Galaxy X because you need to line up your first shot but I don't think it's worth the tradeoffs in the Defiant and if I could rip that cloak out and put in something else for PvE, I would.

5. MVAM and the Vulcan Science ship are fun. Excelsior ability is useful but it sucks I have to fly a cruiser to use it, even if it is the best cruiser.

I like Tac-heavy BO loadouts. Sci-powers are flashy but confusing and Engineering BO powers seem dull. I'm mainly into Power to Shields and Engineering Team for survivability. I really like a maneuverable glass canon with a couple of buttons to hit to keep my shields and hull up.

Aesthetics wise, I like ships with a saucer, two prominent nacelles, and a rounded hull. Enterprise-like. I wind up trying to make classes like the MVAM ship look as Enterprise-like as possible by making the top nacelles stand out more and going for a more rounded saucer.

My favorite nacelles are the Sovereign nacelles.

The Vesper is my absolute favorite ship in the game and if I could fly it at T5 as an Escort/Cruiser hybrid, I would. That was why I wanted a T5 Connie and was a bigger disappointment for me than losing the T5 Connie when that idea was shot down. It's small, it looks at home in the post-TNG era, and it has classic proportions. I'd never flinch at seeing it onscreen.