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07-01-2011, 06:30 PM
1. BoP (Like everyone else) it was very brutal, mind you this was before all the nifty exploration missions were added, Raptor, raptor, raptor.

2. B'rel refit (only because I despise the other models with the wing changes, they look bad when up I posted pics and such before about why and how) Also the Destroyer escort, but mostly the B'rel refit.

3 and 4! Carriers, Hah how can I call them overpowered and underpowered? PVP they are op, they take WAY too much damage to take them down, however in pve solo, they are very slow at killing enemies, another one of those, start a fight, go cook supper, do the supper dishes, come back and check and see if it's dead yet ships. NOTE: I'm a casual player, I'd rather not spend 10 mins per space battle.

5. I find it hard to get excited about any klingon ships, i'm not a super fan of the faction, but none of them just snags my interest and makes me go YES! I do like the B'rel, I wish the cloak was less flighty (the patch on tribble may be fixing this) but Klingon ships are green...and have wings. They are a fairly boring lot, I can't yell at anyone at cryptic it's just the way they are in Star Trek. Klingons have boring green ships. So I could ask for more variance in models and colors, but really, how far can you go when the best descriptors I can find for a race are "boring" "green"