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07-01-2011, 05:48 PM
Checks to make sure this is the Federation forum this time. Boy do I feel silly.

I only PvE. Not a fan of PvP in any game (just don't like the style, nothing to do with STO's specific implementation).

1. What ship(s) did you fly as you ranked up? For each, primarily PvE, PvP or both? Group or solo?
Miranda -> Nova -> Intrepid -> Luna -> Intrepid Refit

2. What ship(s) do you fly at cap? For each, primarily PvE, PvP or both? Group or solo?
Intrepid Refit for all purposes except when forced into a shuttle, then I use a Runabout.

3. Which ship(s) do you think are currently overpowered? PvE, PvP, or both? Specifically why?

4. Which ship(s) do you think are currently underpowered? PvE, PvP, or both? Specifically why?
5. What feature of your favorite ships do you like the most? As in, console configurations, station configurations, aesthetics, special abilities, etc.?

Both questions are answered together here... I feel the Intrepid Refit is at a disadvantage due to having the only timed bonus feature of the Refits. Both the Defiant and Galaxy can use their special feature as long as they want. I would quite like it if it was possible to use the ablative armor generator for an unlimited time, just reduce its effectiveness and add ways for it to be disabled. By 2409, I'm sure that the specs have been leaked to the KDF (and other factions) and weakness have been found. An alternative would be the ability to have the armor as a removable console so I could equip something more useful if the timer is never going to be removed.

I've always wanted to use an Intrepid ever since I saw Voyager for the first time. I love the design of the ship and everything about it. I really can't speak to other ship designs, as I am just entranced with the Intrepid. I guess in my magical rainbow filled dream universe, I would be able to take the cloaking device console from the Defiant Refit and equip it into my Intrepid.