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07-01-2011, 07:36 PM
Originally Posted by cc_johnson View Post
I vote for #1, too. Ship configs are pretty well as they are. Dont change it when its working.
One thing, though, is still the interesting idea of admirals having pet ships, and im not talking about shuttles...
Agreed as well.

Besides, do we really want to deal with potentially obsolescing all of the ships we have been flying for ages? It'd also be problematic from a canon-perspective; because while it makes sense that newer ships would be better than what we have... not everyone likes Cryptic's designs*, and one has to assume that T6 would be primarily Cryptic-created designs.

So the best option is not to add brand new ships. Stick to T5 as the ship maximum, and then add things like maybe... modifications you can add to your ship via crafting if we need to boost their power in some fashion beyond what we can do through loot. (Might be a good way to introduce an end-game system too.)

*I do, but I'm weird.