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07-01-2011, 07:21 PM
What I like to do with my Sci BoP captain is go for a massive alpha strike and drop some debuffs, then cloak, fly around for a second pass and finish them off.

I use two Dual Heavy Cannons up front along with a Dual Beam Array and Photon torpedo launcher, with two Beam Arrays in the back. It's an unorthodox setup, but it works for me because of my BO setup.

I run:

--Commander Sci with Viral Matrix 3, Feedback Pulse 1, Tractor Beam 1 and Sci Team 3
--LtCom Tac with Beam Overload 3, Rapid Fire 1 and High Yield 1
--Lt Sci with Hazard Emitters 2 and Polarize Hull 1
--Lt Sci with Jam Sensors 1 and Photonic Officer 1

I prep HYT and BO3 before combat, along with applying Photonic Officer. I open with Rapid Fire and Viral Matrix. Along with the Overload, Rapid Fire drains their shields completely allowing me to send in the torpedoes right away. Even against cruisers, this usually takes them down pretty far. The Viral Matrix helps to keep them busy while I come around for a second pass. Feedbaclk Pulse, along with my rear beams, helps keep the damage going while I wait to re-cloak or just come around.

On my second pass, SubNuc clears their protection and sensor scan kills what's left of their defense, allowing me to fire a second Overload/HYT and finish them off.

Sometimes I may need to fire off Overload before I'm at the right angle. The rear arrays help with that. Tractor Beam is of course useful for keeping targets in line. Sci Team helps me get away and get back into cloak. Hazard Emitters and Polarize Hull have obvious uses, and Jam Sensors is extremely helpful if I need to break off my attack.