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07-01-2011, 07:41 PM
1. What ship(s) did you fly as you ranked up? For each, primarily PvE, PvP or both? Group or solo?
5 LGs... I have flow all the ships... in the end the bop is the fastest way to level, and the most usable ship against the npcs at any of the levels. IMO
This has nothing at all to do with the bop being OP though... its the same fed side. Escorts are the fastest way to level, the NPCS don't put out enough dmg in any kind of smart enough way to warrant having a ton of heals.

2. What ship(s) do you fly at cap? For each, primarily PvE, PvP or both? Group or solo?
I have an engi in a Maurader, dedicated heal bot for pvp, doesn't get used much as if you are going to fly with klink heal bots you might as well play fed where the better ships are. (meaning the fed escorts are > and easier to heal as they don't pop in one BOL shot due to having hull that is < then your average HY 3 / BOL 3 crit )

3. Which ship(s) do you think are currently overpowered? PvE, PvP, or both? Specifically why?
Klink side there are no overpowered ships. The cruisers are well balanced against the fed ships... although the extra dmg doesn't really trade the extra tank on the fed side. Mass healing is still fed domain, however the klink cruisers can be fun too fly dmg wise.

4. Which ship(s) do you think are currently underpowered? PvE, PvP, or both? Specifically why?
Brel... is a joke of a ship. (no offense to those that enjoy it) It is a fun toy... however flying it in serious pvp isn't much better then taking shuttle craft. Really it can't take more then a couple hits once the shield resists are gone... and not being able to use hull HOT skills as you retreat in cloak make the ship worthless IMO.
As has been stated the Orion and Varnus would be well served with consuls for there specials, it would be nice to run them as basic carbon copies of the fed versions....
The Varnues however is still the wrong sci ship for a klink fleet with low turn, and engi heavy boffs, Klink teams need to be able to move faster and the Varnues is slow big and bulky... pretty much the exact opposite of what Klingons would put into service. IMO Of course we have the flying coffins... I mean the carriers.

5. What feature of your favorite ships do you like the most? As in, console configurations, station configurations, aesthetics, special abilities, etc.?

The Brel may suck but the classic look is killer.
Battle cloak is a fun ability that is vilified a bit too often, its not OP in anyway... it allows interesting ways to play, the "Advanced" Battle cloak then takes them away by pretty much making the abilities you need to cloak while still in combat range useless. Not being able to use HZ as you cloak means you have to zoom off to cloak if you don't want to die, and then you might as well be in a raptor. Its nice to be able to use polarized hull while cloaked on both versions of the Battle cloak... however the way hull resists work with the low hull of the brel its unwise to do so unless you are really not in any danger... and then of course why cloak.

The Raptor is a also a broken ship IMO... and it would be easy to fix... I am not a fan of the long neck, however many like the look and it has grown on me somewhat... the issue is the turning axis, The raptor seems to turn from the back... which makes for very odd game play. Although it should be very close to the defiant on paper, it feels wrong when you fly it.

Inertia in genreal, I imagine there was some thought put into the inertia values of the ships. The Bop and Raptor both seem to have to little, they are very hard to pivot turn in comparison to the fed escorts. The fed escorts are very easy to pivot using throttle and inertia to keep arcs... in general there more nimble even though the turn numbers wouldn't make that seem so.
The Vorcha has a great inertia value, it turns like a cruiser but it slides a bit more making it a fun ship to fly, it is one of the funnest ships to fly on ether side if you like Eject Warp Plasma.