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07-01-2011, 10:16 PM
Originally Posted by Azurian View Post
Perhaps have objects have collision after editing. So when you go to the "set", they are solid no matter where you put them.

Right now, my biggest gripe with the Foundry Editor that I'm hoping that will be fixed soon is the how the mouse wheel doesn't always zoom / unzoom, especially with the custom editor. I really like a manual zoom bar added like with the Dialogue and Map Sections.
My main gripe is not being able to resize "Costumes".
We're essentially making another character in that tab.
So why does all of my "Costumes" have to be set at 4 feet tall with no way to change it?
I made a Gorn "Costume", and put it on a Gorn NPC and it was STILL only 4 feet tall.
If we can't edit any other size factors such as facial features & body type, we should still at least be able to change the height.
I mean, Hirogen are about 7 feet tall (from what I've seen in the Foundry) and Ferengi are about 4 feet tall.
Yet they're the same size if they're both costumes.
Not right >.<

While we're at it, why not add a feature allowing us to change an enemy's Faction logo?
I mean, I have a series of missions involving a species from Star Trek that's not even in STO, and I understand not being able to make their own logo, but it would be nice if I could at least use say Klingons, but change each enemy's faction logo to something else, or at least change it to the civilian emblem.
Fighting a Hur'Q Soldier with a Klingon faction logo on their lifebar just so they can have appropriate weaponry doesn't make sense.
That's why my good missions aren't published yet, because I'm hoping for this feature to be put in at some point.
As far as that goes, maybe we could just change the entire enemy squad's faction logo?

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