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07-02-2011, 11:14 AM
Originally Posted by mhighison View Post
I can't promise anything righ now, but I've been looking into new interesting ways to do new outfit sets that will make both Fed and KDF players happy. (and hopefully do away with or blur the line between on and off duty outfits) I really want to get some more high tech merc gear available on the KDF side, if only to outfit my Lethean captain!
Originally Posted by mhighison View Post
The main NPC things there weren't available were some leather bracers, a leather collar and chest strap, some vest related options, face proportion scaling, and the ability to have a bare chest with armor, or with a vest. All that is fixed with the latest build (going to tribble soon? today probably).

There was a bug that was stopping a few extra options from being available, that bug was fixed as well. You'll see some controls for the nose, nostrils, jaw, and cranium/forehead. Also, the longer head spikes that were available on the old-and-retired Gorn have been added back in (in new gorn flavor)*

The helmet was cut for several reasons. The one I'll tell you is that it just sucked. Sorry.
Okay, i'm sorry if I sounded rude to you at all in the OP Matt. I just was worried we would'nt be getting anything more. It, it just looks incredible now. All the new options are really cool and the hard work you put in really shows!

I was just wondering, are the round shoulder pads on the new Gorn NPCs going to remain exclusive to NPCs? (Since it's originally Nausican?). Also have all the old Gorn NPC options (leg bracers, knee pads, should knives) been scrapped?

Anyways, great work as usual, well maybe not. These Gorn really take the cake!