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07-02-2011, 01:12 PM
Originally Posted by mhighison View Post
I can't promise anything righ now, but I've been looking into new interesting ways to do new outfit sets that will make both Fed and KDF players happy. (and hopefully do away with or blur the line between on and off duty outfits) I really want to get some more high tech merc gear available on the KDF side, if only to outfit my Lethean captain!
You guys can probably at the very least reuse the same models more, which is not unlike the actual costume design from the shows, where they'd doctor existing outfits.

The 29th century Starfleet uniforms, for example, look like a mod of the AGT uniforms.

I would think it's even easier for Merc uniforms if you start out designing them as re-skins of existing models.