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Originally Posted by VarSity View Post
Hi all,

I am coming back to STO after a long time away from the game. If I am honest I never really gave the game a fair punt first time, and as such I am having real trouble deciding what to play.

My desire is to go for a Science character and look to be a sort of team support character. Ideally I would want to be the guy who debuff the enemy and/or drops their shields so the DPS can go crazy, is this a realistic role for a Science character?

If so what Race/Trait/Skill/ship combo should I go for?

Also can anyone point me in the direction of a good guide for this sort of role? I have been looking on google but have lucked out so far.

Thanks in Advance
absolutely viable and extremely fun. I'd say go with a joined trill or alien race to pick your passives. Then astrometrics and accuracy IMO, and if you go alien def pick efficient captain.

Edit: you know what Im pretty sure vulcans get the required +10 ops training astrophysist, that would be great too. Maybe even better than the joined trill. But I love the bonus the trill gives.

I love the intrepid refit for this build. Great turn rate and tough as nails. Make sure to go accurate weaponry to get the best bang for you buck out of your sci ships readily available target subsys menu.

So many abilities to mess an enemys day up and still be great support for your team. And the best guide you will find would be right here on the forums IMO. Our community loves helping with builds and giving advice.

see you on the battlefield.