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07-02-2011, 02:16 PM
If you sign up to be a Reviewer then you have another EULA that you must agree to as well:

Community Authored Content Reviewer - End User License Agreement

By signing up to be a Reviewer for the Star Trek Online Foundry, you are agreeing to be exposed to unreviewed community authored content. Such content will likely include offensive and distasteful information. Do not accept unless you are willing to view such content. Reviewers must be over 18 years of age or older.

You agree to review content in the context of appropriateness for all ages, and for violation of the End User License Agreement (EULA) for author that can be found on the Star Trek Online web site. The other players of the game are relying on your judgment to help identify inappropriate content.

You can revoke your reviewer status at any time.

I am over 18 and wish to accept Reviewer status.

I see two problems with this:

1) A typo. It should say; "...Agreement for authors that can be found..."

2) The Foundry EULA actually isn't on the Star Trek Online website.
the thing about this *ahem* 'agreement' is that its asking for trouble from parents. the reason is simple: the agreement states that you have to be 18+ to enter into it. if the player is not 18 or over the player cannot legally agree to that agreement or any other - including the games EULA and tos, technically. this is because according to US law a minor cannot enter into a contract or any other form of legal agreement without the express written permission of the parents of that minor. since cryptic doesn't actually confirm a persons age when they play the game and anybody of any age can sign up (even a 10 year old can get ahold of a prepaid visa) one day cryptic could get a headache from an annoyed parent or parents (who possibly don't even know their child is playing this game) when they try to enforce one of these agreements.

therefore my suggestion is to improve upon these agreements and make it so there is an actual age verification before agreeing.

If we cannot use historical figures or names, isn't the agreement in violation of the law? And if the ships name's are not owned buy any person or any corporation, then how can that be in violation of the EULA since none of the entities in the agreement own those names.
well....yeah if you want to get really into it theres a way around almost everything. technically you're correct, but it would be a headache to take it up with cryptic

Also, I see people using the named USS Arizona in the game. The ship is still a commissioned as a US warship. I thought it was against the law to use the name USS Arizona and USS Maine to represent any ship because it is a war memorial for the people who died on the ship
yes this is true. but like many laws, few people know about things like that and fewer care to enforce it

According to the EULA you cannot have any characters from Star Trek appear in your missions. Nor can you have 'historical figures.' I interpret historical figures to mean "real people from history that are famous." I do not guarantee that the GMs will agree with that interpretation however.
it doesn't matter what a GM agrees or doesn't agree with. they can only enforce a rule, not expand on it themselves, or they violate the agreement. as long as you don't push it or make a major direct reference there isn't very much anybody can do about it

And, legal or not, if you violate these rules, and someone reports you, you may lose access to the Foundry
this is blatantly untrue. people can report you for anything. if it is legal it is legal. nobody can stop you from using the foundry in a legal manner. if they attempt to do so they have violated your rights and are asking for trouble.

the moral of the story is don't do anything stupid and don't give cryptic a reason to do anything stupid and we won't have to worry about issues like these.

I can't make a Character on the foundry does it have some thing with having a Demo account?
if you are using a demo account I would think so. makes sense that the foundry would be restricted to full accounts.