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Originally Posted by chessie5882 View Post
Commander Kruge's overcoat is not an overcoat. It is called a Battle Cloak. There are many variations of them. Take it from someone that dresses as a klingon and has many costumes. Also your correct we need more variety. Watch Star trek klingon on You Tube and you will see what i mean.
In real life we Klingon Costmers follow one simple rule "if it looks Klingon it can be Klingon!"
And there are many reasons for Klingons to have different styles of uniforms. Ones house may use different styles, Warriors from poorer areas of the empire may have to fashion their own uniforms or make do with what they can get and so on.

In the end you are correct we need more variations. Not everyone wears the imperial armor style.


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I think for the most part the different terms referring to clothing come from the fact that many folks around here only know the shows and movies and little beyond that.
There are people like drkfrontiers and me who know all the old FASA stuff but for many around here it's probably something obsure.
I mean how many people think of the Disruptor as the "shake-it-till-it-falls-apart-tool"?
Probably only those who read the old FASA Klingon RPG module and its description what a Disruptor does.
So only people who dress up as yourself will probabaly know what most "KDF-dressers" (no offense, I just could not think of a better term) would call Kruge's Battle Cloak.