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07-03-2011, 04:03 AM
The Commander Slot is the big problem with Science Healers. No healing power there.

Something to consider: If you can, I would try to equip TSS III. IF you got the Reman BO, you have at least one. Shield heals are very good to have.

You might also want to check out Extend Shields I instead of EPtS2. It's certainly a loss in your self-defense if you can't provide full EPtS coverage, but Extend Shields is very good combined with Tactical team and Transfer Shield Strength. The difference between TSS2 and TSS3 might not be big, but it's still better and shield hardening and healing is just one of the best defensive options.

If you enter the risk of going with only one EPtS for your self-defense, you might want to try Feedback Pulse III. At least if people start focusing on you, you can hurt them back. Maybe it will do some good.

A think that I am generally missing as a Science Healer is a real "burst" heal for hull, something like Engineering Team III or Auxillary to Structural Integrity Field III. Aux2SIF1 might be another alternative for EPtS2 then. Overall I think due to all the cooldown issues and lack of burst hull heals, a Science Healer will always need a second healer in his team to catch nasty spikes.

Options for Commander Slots in general:

Scramble Sensors III
A very strong skill in PvP, as it can neuter healers like yourself, and due to the random target switches, it also makes self-clearing unreliable (and generally focused effort). But if you use it, you will be called a science/scramble spammer and be hated by your enemies. Some thin kthe power is bugged, and they are probably not wrong if it can even lead to Evasive Maneuvers (a self only power!) mis-firing!

Charged Particle Burst III
A singular, offense-oriented skill that you can add to your team's offensive capacities. I am not sure I wouldn't prefer to use it on a more dedicated build, though. Costly skill if you want to max it.

Photonic Shockwave III
Also a singular, ofefnsive oriented skill for your team. The main use of PSW is to stun your foes. You don't have to max this (otherwise costly) skill to get the most out of the stun duration. it might be the best choice with Scramble.

Feedback Pulse III
It is not one of the best powers in PvP, and it's a very defensive and eogistical power, basically. Nevertheless, you might find it useful if you see your enemies turning on you once they believe they have outtricked your defenses. It is cheaper skill-wise and I believe the skill even synergizes with your Transfer shield Strength and Science Team. That said - FBP shares a cooldown with Transfer Shield Strength, so you will have only small windows where you can use it without harming your healing ability. But maybe that's good enough? I don't know.

Gravity Well III
This might be a way to add some crowd control to your ability. But if you spec into it, it's costly, and the skill points don't help your heals.

Tyken's Rift
Since you have a Tractor Beam, it might even work well if combined with that. It is important to keep the target in it for some time, and without a Tractor or another player using Gravity Well, that won't happen. Again costly in skill points.

Photonic Officer III
This would require you have referred at least one player to STO, otherwise you can't get this power at all. The problem with PO3 is that its cooldown reduction is basically too high to be fully utilized with science powers. Between all the shared and global cooldowns, you would see almost no improvement for your healing powers. And the power unfortunately also has a very long cooldown on its own.