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07-03-2011, 09:27 AM
Thanks for the help,
I decided to have TSS III and HE III as you suggested though I don't have the Reman Boff nor do I no anyone who does so in the end it may not be possible.
I also chose GW III for my commander science ability as I have used it in the past and like it a great deal, though it does make specing hard.

This is the skill build I came up with, would you (Mustrum) or anyone else be willing to take a look at it?

I have one big question related to it, according to spending skill points wisely with the Aegis set (which I use) it is optimal to go with 7 - 3 - 9 on the Ship Attack Vectors, Ship Combat Maneuvers, and Ship Battle Strategy "trio" if I do this am I losing out on the turn rate bonus of Ship Combat Maneuvers or does the Hyper-Impulse engine's + 10 to Ship combat maneuvers supplement this?