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the whole ktinga has less mass then the connie thing can be explained the same way they explain the escorts being able to stand up to large cruisers. using those fractions i would rate them like this- connie 45 science/30 combat/25 nothing to do with ether, and the ktinga i would rank 20 science/70 combat/10 nothing to do with ether. Aluming they are supposed to add up to 100 or something. Thereís alot more stuff on federation ships that isnít going to help in a fight, but they lug it around anyway because they are so general purpose.
My point was that the Connie is so much larger but that her larger size is due to their general-purpose nature.
So the factor that the K't'inga is far more of a pure combat ship than the Connie is roughly compensated by the fact that the K't'inga is only half the Connie's weight.
Even though only a smaller percentage of the Connie's makeup is defensive systems, at double the size (not:size as in mass, not lengh) they end up roughly matched.

As for the escorts: those are a different story because they are not really long-range craft so they expend their resources much faster without being burdened by large fuel and suppply mass.

The K't'inga however is not an escort but a long-range ship like the Connie.

My personal impression of the K't'inga (in Star Trek, not STO) is that it probably scales better than the Connie refit.
(This "feeling" is probably coloured by many years of Klingon Academy where this was the case.)
Meaning that with an incompetent commander (which is what we usually saw in Trek) the ship is probably rather weak because it is obviously weaker in the defensive area and when the commander does not know how to handle it, its greater maneuverability does not help at all.
Meaning the Connie is most likely more "forgiving" in terms of mistakes.
On the other hand with a skilled commander the really good firepower and agility will probably be far more devastating than a Connie with a good commander and crew.

What I trying to say is that the K't'inga is (due to my gut feeling) a ship whose basic values are probably not making her the most stellar ship while it's the crwes that would have made her shin but because of its status as the "bad guy's" ship it never got that chance.
However I seriously doubt it would be as superb as you seem to think it is.
And I honestly am not sure it could hold its own against an Excelsior, neither in the 23rd nor the 24th century.
At least not in identical terms.
That's why I proposed those odd stats because with higher maneuverability and some leeway in terms of the powers that make up a T5 the K't'inga might have a chance.
But as a classical cruiser, I don't think so.

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Of course, the enertprise is the hero, and tng and later 80s movies hadnít even been thought up yet, let alone the excelsior or anything else that outclassed the connie. their perspective of things was smaller than ours is now, and most of it was tos stuff only!
Incorrect, FASA had the Excelsior and the Galaxy class so their view was far wider than that of ADB and the result was stil the same.
There is also always the difference between a general class of ships and a specific hero ship.
And both FASA and ADB have/had a rather dispassionate approach to their ship stats.
ADB even had to go a step further since they could not use names of personnell from TOS due to their odd license.

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i had to explain my take on things somehow!
No offense intended.

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After i played starfleet command i looked up the old pen and paper stuff and was like huh? weres all the movie era stuff? They did a pretty good job mashing everything together in the computer game though. i didnít mean they had an economic problem, i just meant that the federation was huge and the smaller klingon empire wouldnít be able to compete with them dollar per dollar. After praxis though thatís a big economic burden.
Probably had something to do with the usual clicť that also appears in games like SFC that the Klingons are Soviets in Space while the Federaton is supposed to be the U.S. in space (SFB goes so far as to suggest the Federation is using dollar as a currency) so we know where this view comes from.
It is interesting to note that we don't really know the economic state of the Klignon Empire befor Praxis, only that afterwars the Klingons were stuck with a gigantic military that had litle use in the crisis situation.

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Someone in the art department must have liked that red look, having it show up again in a hand weapon. All the other klingon ship and hand weapons were ether green beams or pulses though, that red is an anomaly. Considering the ktinga is so old and quite small compared to the big bops and vorchas that red beam i figure was something different and special, maybe a heavy support weapon.
Or maybe he just remembered Star Trek 6, where Klingon Disruptors were also red beams...