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Submitted for your approval...
The Gorn Wars Episodes 1 and 2 (both available now) actual titles are:
The Gorn Wars: Episode 1 of 12
The Gorn Wars: Episode 2 of 12
or, search by author (spacecadet1138) both are level 16+

The Gorn Wars is a series of twelve (12!) upcoming KDF-exclusive Foundry missions that detail the Klingon Empire’s wars with the Romulan Star Empire, Gorn Hegemony, and the United Federation of Planets.

Beginning in 2390 and ending in 2409, the series will feature such key events as-

-the Peace Conferences on Deep Space K-7 and Cestus III
-the death of Klingon Chancellor Martok
-the foundation of the Klingon Empire’s alliance with the Orion Syndicate
-the events leading to the Summit on Federation experiments with cloaking device
-the Undine attack on Ja’rod and the following mutiny on the I.K.S. Kang
-the revelation of Undine infiltrators in the Gorn Hegemony
-the Klingon Empire’s declaration of war against the Gorn Hegemony
-Admiral Taris’ rise to Praetor in the Romulan Star Empire
-the revelation of Undine infiltrators in the Klingon High Council
-the attempted kidnap of the kuvah’mah, Miral Paris
-the Klingon expansion into the Hromi cluster and attack on Cestus 3
-Romulan Empress Sela’s rise to power

And much more!
I’ve tried my best to keep the events in the series concurrent with the events chronicled in the Path to 2409 Timeline.
I’ll be publishing the remaining 10 episodes on a weekly-to-biweekly basis, they will be able to be completed and/or repeated in any order, however I strongly suggest playing them in chronological order at least the first time around.

If you have any questions, run into any problems, or just want to browse the mission content, feel free to visit my Youtube page for corresponding walkthrough videos for all twelve missions in the series, (the link to which can be found in my Signature).

I set out to develop the Gorn Wars with 5 goals in mind:

1.- To create Klingon-Exclusive content in a “Featured Episode” type of format; several missions to be completed in order that all have an overlapping storyline.
2.- To create diplomacy-style gameplay where the Player feels connected to the events taking place in the galaxy.
3.- To create combat missions where the Player can participate in major events related to the STO timeline.
4.-To create missions that interest both KDF and UFP players, and entice players that primarily play the UFP to spend more time on their Klingon alts.
5-To create storyline content that details events prior to the storyline missions currently available for play in the game-”prequel missions”, so to speak- that also more fully immerse the Player in the overall STO timeline.

I’d like to emphasize, I didn’t write this story. Cryptic did, all the major events are in the “path to 2409” timeline. All the sub-plots, that was added to keep the overall story progressing forward in a more linear manner. In some points it may seem I have “time-warped”, skipped ahead a long period of time in a relatively short period. I did this for the sake of the missions, but I tried to keep events in line with the chronological order they appear in the actual timeline.