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07-03-2011, 04:59 PM
USS Cherokee- For the tribe of distant ancestors and it was a Miranda class vessel
USS Cherokee A- Intrepid Class and a vast improvement over the original.

USS Valkyrie- The TOS version Constitution class as a hallmark of childhood memories it sits at space dock as a Commemoration to Star Trek.
USS Valkyrie A- Excelsior class as another monument to my main toons Commander Days.

USS Warrior Angel A- My 25th century refit of the old Constitution Class vessel the name I needed something to match something that i can't really fathom or remember very well. This name line has gone all the way to F with most of the Cruiser line.
USS Warrior Angel B- Heavy cruiser that packed firepower and 25th century refit of the stargazer.
USS Warrior Angel C- Exploration Cruiser update that was quickly tossed when turn rate turned piloting into a nightmare. Retrofit turned out to be a better fit with mod to consoles.
USS Warrior Angel D- Assault Cruiser that I wanted to gather close to the Enterprise E but with maybe a 30 plus year update to the design. Since it is war time it needed a militaristic look but not to much of one.
USS Warrior Angel E- Star Cruiser this one has so many possibilities with the many classes that are under the design. I intended this one to be the Ideal flagship for my Vice Admiral but not so merely a back up.
USS Warrior Angel F (current)- This one I updated the Galaxy Class some to account for the time and parts I had. Borg, Aegis, and Breen it is a better fit now that I have the build for it.

** Upcoming Advanced Heavy Cruiser Retrofit Vessel* - Not sure what I am going to name it.