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07-03-2011, 05:43 PM
Jonathen Zander: USS Crazy Horse / NCC-97142-H (This is my main and he ahs only captained ships named Crazy Horse since STOs head start. The ship name comes from my online RP days, she was my first and only CO position that lasted for 10 years.)

Azel Jigna: USS Madison Rose / NCC-95142

Alamax Zander: USS Arizona / NCC-93596-C

Eingea: USS Athena / NCC-93546

Three (Nathanial Zander): USS Andrew Jackson / NCC-91829-A

Kastoolu: USS Pandora / NCC-92469-A

K'Hugh: USS England / NCC-92865

Kah'len: IKS Arumsi

Four: IKS Mogh'Var