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07-03-2011, 06:16 PM
I would drop the team skills to 0. I don't think it will hurt you that much in PvE ground.

You also have some maxed out ground skills that could be dropped to at least 7 if not 5 so those points can be put into space skills. I have a pure space build for my tac with very few points in ground skills and I do just fine. I let my Bridge Officers do the heavy lifting in the ground game.

If you don't have powers that use them, drop the maintenance skills. They won't do anything for you.

At least the engine and weapons performance skills should be maxed out at 9. They will add directly to your power levels and more is better. You want to have 125 weapon power at Lt. General and as much power to engines as possible in a BOP because speed is life.

If you are going to use Sci powers only put points into those skills that boost them and spend the others somewhere else.

In general when flying a BOP in PvP you will need every edge you can get because after you decloak you will be the number one target for the other team. And you will flying the weakest ship in the game. I personally would max out all the BOP captain skills at each level for the max hit points and maneuverability possible. The same for starship command and attack vector.

Good Luck!