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I'll just do one for now.

U.S.S. Memento Mori - Memento Mori means, roughly, Remember your Mortality, or Remember you will Die. It is a confirmation to every person who reads the ships name that they are going to die. Either by age, or by some other means. In particular it stands for the crews status as a Special Operations Crew and Starship. They do things quietly, this tends to also involve ending the lives of people. Its a dark Macabre sort of thing, the name fits I think.

Edit, what the hell I'll do a few more.

U.S.S. North Carolina, a Star Cruiser equipped with Disruptors and a bad additive. Named after the Show Boat, USS North Carolina BB-55. Acts like a battleship, with her primary role being anti escort and 'trash' duty. Much like the BB-55 dealt with anti-aircraft.

I.K.S. Taranis - Siege Destroyer, named after the Celtic god of Lightning, cause it has a big scary laser. Also same god was the God of wheels, the thing spins, this is not a coincidence.

I.K.S. Ganos Lal - Vorcha battle cruiser. Named after the character from Stargate. Whom in history was perceived as the 'bad guy' and arch rival of Merlin, but in fact did her actions for the better of things. She was not what she seemed, and neither is this ship. It's an escort in cruisers clothing.