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Originally Posted by hurleybird View Post
It's like the concept of balance is completely lost on them....

The full universal slot Enterprise-F idea is just as bad.

Unbelievable. I would say more --a lot more-- much more fervently, but it would just get moderated anyway.
you mean this?

Q: farscape-one The new Enterprise class ship - it would be nice to have all universal bridge officers like the Klingond so anyone (class) could fly it.
A: Great suggestion! I'll talk to the ship design team about this to see if they'll consider it. It may be that we could at least offer different "flavors" of the ship to different classes, if not make it universal.
I can see where they're going with this.

1. They have a lot more Fed customers to cater to
1a. More importantly, they have a lot more Fed PvE customers than PvP ones

I for one would love to see Cryptic roll out an All-universal slot T6 Enterprise-F ship with:
1. Cruiser HP
2. 4 eng / 4 sci / 4 tac consoles (hey, it's the Enterprise after all!)
3. New Peregrine Fighters that can be used as devices
3a. Have Ent-F be able to equip 4 stacks of these fighters so they can launch 12 fighters (3 x 4 eh?)
4. Have the power bonus be +10 to each subsystem (biggest warp core yet = biggest power)

The only game balance that matters is the game company's financial balance sheets