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07-03-2011, 10:04 PM
Just a few comments about your build.

1) Don't put any points in sub-system repair. The general consensus from people that have tested it is that it doesn't actually do anything. Waste of points if you put any here.

2) You need more points in Weapon performance. Depending on what other equipment you have, you'll probably need at least 7 points here to get your weapon power up to the max of 125/100.

3) I would put more points into your tier 3 skills.

4) You are probably spread a little too thin. I would decide on just a couple of sci abilities that you want to use, and put points into those. With BOP, you get A LOT of flexibility, including running rank 3 sci abilities. Just pick an offensive ability (like gravity well, tykens rift, or photonic shockwave), and 1 or 2 defensive ones (like hazard emitters or transfer shield strength.) If you go with these, you won't need points in sensors, sensor probes, tractor beam, or sensor array. Just using these as an example. My point is you have too many points spread among too many sci skills.

5) Ship skills like Ki'Tang BOP and Norgh BOP only fully affect the respective ship. If you fly a higher tier ship (like the Hegtha BOP or B'rel-R), only 50% of the the points in Norg and Ki'Tang apply. So personally, I would only put points here if you have points to spare.

6) For ground skills, I would pick 1 or 2 kits that you will use, and put points into those. Unless you plan on using the Operative kit, I wouldn't put any points into Stealth. You don't need martial arts if you are never going to use the Close Combat Kit. In regards to the advice from the other poster about not needing ANY ground skills, I would agree with him partially. You don't NEED ground skills to do ground PVE. However, ground skills will make ground PVE much easier. This will be most noticeable on the STFs where it is a 5-player team, no bridge officers allowed. A tac will be noticeably more effective if you have some points in the ground skills.

7) Don't put any points into Weapon Efficiency. You will running at full weapon power. "Efficiency" skills only boost power to those systems running below 75 power level. Since you will be running at 100, points here are a waste.

8) Put more points into the "Performance" skills. These boost power levels regardless of what they are set at.