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07-03-2011, 11:55 PM
Well, there are 4 possibilities:
1) It's a full Commander Level Unviersal Slot.
2) It's an Ensign Slot.
3) It's a special slot that might give access to one single ability of your BO (maybe, Ensign, maybe Lt., maybe Lt.Cmdr, maybe Cmdr)
4) It's an entirely different clickable power invented for the Department Head System.

I think 2, 3 and 4 might be somewhat okay. (3 certainly has strong balance implications - if everyone can suddenly run with Shockwave, for example..). 1 would be game-breaking. But since Heretic suggests it is only a single clickable ability, I don't think it will be that. 4 seems the most likely to me, actually.

The Universal Station Enterprise - no thanks. dstahl isn't exactly a systems/balance guy, though, so I hope the rest of his team will talk him out of it. Having 3 variants of the ship or 1 with a Lt.Cmdr Universal console I could see, though. I think we should definitely expect something unusual and questionable to happen, either way. It's the Enterprise. (Maybe for game balance, the possiblity of it being a Carrier is our best hope actually, though I hate hate hate hate Carriers).