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I've never seen the icon fro this trait pop up as a power when my character went below 50% which makes me suspect that it even works at all. Even worse, like Blasters on City of Heroes, I find that usually (particularly on STF's) my andorian probably is dead if a healer doesn't do some quick work when he gets below 50%. So would this trait even get use? Furthermore, now that the combat is getting made even more peppy in Season 4, is Fury simply a wasted trait altogether? Simply put, its going to be easier to die, and easier to kill in Season 4. If I had my preference, I'd make Fury based on time spent in combat, slowly climbing but never approaching some maximum bonus that it would offer (Much like the Fury bar on Brutes on City of Heroes). I would make a comparison to Champions Online if I could, but my experience with CO is still very minimal. At any regard, the question I have regarding Fury can be boiled down to:

1) Is it currently broken?
2) Is it worthwhile?
3) Is it made completely worthless in Season 4?

I've only noticed the problem now that my Andorian has completed his STF arcs, where I always hammer down a lot of issues with a character mid-admiral.