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07-04-2011, 10:39 AM
I'd highly recommend swapping out for the DSSV if you want to play a healer role; the extra Tac console on the RSV is useless to you and you can make better use of an Ensign Eng over an extra TacTeam.

If you go with the DSSV, you can:
- slot Aux to SIF 1 while maintaining 2 EPtS for yourself
- slot Extend Shields 1 while still having 2 EPtS for yourself

Or have the following loadout (since it appears you're not afraid of having 3 Teams):
- EPtS 1 + Extend 1, EngTeam 1
- EPtS 1 x2, EngTeam 2
- EPtS 1, + Aux to SIF 1, EngTeam 1

For your Commander slot, I'd go with GW 3. It'll help your team a lot by nuking enemy defenses/leaving them susceptible to AoEs, and it'll do a fair bit of damage. Scramble 3 is nice, but it's currently got some issues with it that need fixed (for example, a Scrambled target can have their Evasive Maneuvers misfire). Scramble 3 will also generate a lot of hate from the other team.

As far as TSS 2 vs 3 goes, I would always go with 2 TSS 3 if possible. The extra shield heal is nice, but the resistance boost is quite nice as well - and shield tanking/healing is far more valuable than hull healing, IMO. 2x TSS 3 + 2x HE 2 is awesome, but 2x TSS 2 + 2x HE 3 is just as fine.