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07-04-2011, 03:24 PM
Short-term requests

1. PLEASE add the ability to asign the camTurnToFace in space to any key as a TOGGLE. This would make it MUCH easier and more enjoyable to fly your ship with the mouse, while still getting cursor control back quickly when needed. Frankly this is the most important thing to me I could request right now.

2. Please adde Ground "sets" along the lines of the space Aegis, Borg, and Breen sets. (I believe this is in the works.)

3. For Season 4 with the new shooter mode, it's annoying that when I enter shooter mode my weapon is always holstered. If I'm on a mission with combat that's fine, but when I'm on a space station it's just silly. Please make this a litle smarter.

Mid-term requests

1. Right now joining a fleet doesn't really change the game much. There aren't a whole lot of options in the game to really spend time with your fleet members, and do things in the game together feels about the same as working with any random team-up. We need to have fleet based events, space stations, and contests to make being part of a fleet have more meaning that it does now.

2. More end-game content. When you reach the level cap you want to feel like there's still a lot for you to accomplish - accomplishments that only your high level and game experience make possible. We need both greater variety, and a greater number of STF's, and possibly other options as well for our VA toons to tackle. Please show the endgame some love as you continue to move forward. Eventually we could have a large collection of endgame content if Cryptic just keeps plugging away at it.

3. Next to exploration, Star Trek is about people and relationships. The Enterprise, is always defined by it's crew, especially the bridge crew. As it is, I can customize the appearance of my BOFFs, change their name, and give them a back story if I choose, but after that they are basically drones. What is needed is to have some sense of connection to these people besides their appearance and abilities. Mass Effect 2 does an good job of this with missions specifically created to fill in the back story of the crew and bond them to you in loyalty. Many of these missions could occur right on my ships interior, and could involve visiting an officer's quarters, playing a game of poker with them, etc.

Long-term requests

1. KDF content equality. I'm really hoping to see the KDF fleshed out. They need to be brought up to speed with the Federation to be a fully fleshed out faction. To be clear this means that a lot of PvE missions unique to the KDF need to be created. Retelling some of the best Fed missions from the KDF perspective is a great start, but not enough on it's own. Cryptic needs to step up to the plate here so that there is a compelling reason for everyone to create a KDF toon. Oh and they need to be playable for new users from the very start.

2. Star Trek is fundamentally about exploration. This part of the game feels very generic, and uninteresting. It would be great if there was a feeling of satisfaction that came with exploration. Even better would be some sort of real long-term effect in the game world. Perhaps a system that once charted is available to visit again and again, with new missions that periodically become available. That would make me care about the world and it's people. I realize that there are only so many resources at Cryptic to create missions. I suggest to supplement this, Cryptic make a section of the foundry that is dedicated to exploration themed missions. These could be vetted, and when found suitable, could be added to a queue of random missions to pull from when exploring. The Star Trek community is brimming with creativity - why not use that for the good of all STO players?

3. I'd really love to see greater choice in how to complete missions. There have been glimmers of this in some of the featured episodes. Please add more diplomatic options to complete missions where appropriate. It would also be great if there was more than one was to solve a puzzle or find your way through an area. To go with the choices, add different accolades for each choice, so that it's more interesting to replay a mission. I'm hoping these principals could be applied as the missions are remastered.