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07-04-2011, 07:49 PM
Originally Posted by Mirourm
I see your point about the DSSV but even if it means I'm not min-maxed to the fullest I find it too aesthetically displeasing to use. Also despite the fact that the DSSV would allow me to chain EptS increasing my survival under fire I find that chaining tac team (with 10 seconds of down time every 30 seconds) allows me to fend off alot of attacks and protects me from carrier and photonic fleet spam as well as FAW.
I actually decided on Photonic Shockwave because I duo queue with others who are able to alpha someone nicely if I subnuke, scan, tractor and PSW them. As for the extra tac console I use it for my borg universal console so that it frees up another engineering console that it previously occupied. A question on consoles, due to the fact that I'm running on 50 weapons power most of the time so do very little weapons damage with or without beam drain, and don't usually switch power levels in fights would it be better to use an engineering slot for Armor or the EPS transfer console?
If you're not switching between power levels often, then an EPS will only help you regaining power after Full Impulse. I switch between offensive and defensive presets quite often, but I don't use an EPS and find that it doesn't take too long to switch.

I'd recommend using a +Power console, Shields or Engines.