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Theses controller schemes allows you to easily access all major functions, including most of the 30 power slots.



With the upcoming Season 4 and Ground Combat 2.0, I thought it would be a good time to revist the xbox controller. I believe I've come up with a Space Combat keybind system that actually allows you to use all 60 odd keybinds with 'relative' ease. The corresponding Ground Combat scheme is in a post down below!

Sometime ago, I restructured my power tray around a standard keyboard keypad; that is I reorganised my BoFF and innate abilites into groups of three in order to match the key groupings on the keypad. For instance, my main three combat buffs sit in keypad positions 1,2 and 3. Science buffs sit in 4,5,6, while Shield buffs sit in 7,8 and 9. The last power tray position is accessed by the 0 key; for me, this is for firing torpedoes.

My secondary combat buffs are accessed with Crtl-1,2 and 3, since these correlate to the secondary power tray of the first three keys. Movement buffs are in Crt-4,5,6, and Hull repairs in Crtl-7,8 and 9. This pattern continues into the third power tray, accessed by Alt-1,2,3,etc.

The problem I had for a while was how to move this system from the keypad to the 360 controller; here's how I did it.

The three key groupings are now based around the X,Y and B buttons. I decided that keypad postions 4,5,6 should translate to X,Y and B since they are in the centre of the power tray, with keypad positions 1,2 and 3 translating to LT+X,LT+Y and LT+B. 7,8 and 9 would obviously be RT+X, RT+Y and RT+B.

The A button plays the role of the 0 key.

Secondary power tray slots would only translate to the left (1,2,3) and right (7,8,9) through the use of the Right and Left Bumper combinations of X,Y and B.

The third power tray slots are accessed using the Dpad left, up and right keys, combined again, with the Right and Left Bumper. Additional fourth positions (4 and 6) could be put on the inside of either group, accessed by the use of the Dpad down combinations.

The beauty of this is that it allows the Dpad and Thumbsticks to be used for standard commands like camera, movement and speed.

But even better, the standard Right and Left trigger modifiers are also available to use for things like shields, targets and menu selections.

I hope this helps others who may not be happy with their current control system. The controller keybind files are below.