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07-05-2011, 08:22 AM
I don't know about the dark side, I like a well thought out thread without a lot of self serving assertions. And now, time to provide some self serving assertions.

I'd be much happier if Scramble Sensors, as a quick fix, at least allowed you to cast on yourself reliably, didn't last quite as long, and stopped stealing powers like Evasive Maneuvers. I understand that SNB will need some work but until resistance stacking is addressed we can't afford a weaker SNB.

As for the Team powers, I rather like the idea that the tier of the the team skill should have a relative effect to the tier of the skill being countered or removed. It's not like it would have to be a direct 1:1 either, since a lower tier Sci Team could simple reduce the duration of Scramble Sensors by some percentage based on the skill points in that counter. This would take a fair amount of work to balance out but it would certainly create a greater utility for some of the upper tier Team powers. I do NOT think they need a long resistance (like 10 seconds on Tactical Team) unless the cool down on these team powers is increased.

As for healing and resistances, I'm actually ok with Shields becoming the main focus since if anything is going to have a yo yo effect it makes more sense that Shields should do it than physical hull. I don't necessarily think that the right balance has yet been established, but I do think shields are the right way to go.

With the announcement of more Open PvPvE content being available with Season 4 there is finally some hope on the Open PVP front, even if they did later announce that it won't be immediately available with Season 4. This is a very exciting prospect after all this time so I'm trying to maintain cautious optimism. I'm all for a large open PVP sector (ideally the neutral zone) where you can enter any system, for any reason or no reason at all, and find some level of pew pew. Give us some tools and we'll figure out how to entertain ourselves, lol. Institute a flag system to avoid grieffing, encourage people who want aren't interested in Open PVP to get from point a to point b quickly or they'll become a viable target >.

As for FvF, seriously, this has gone too wrong for too long. To avoid hurting anyone's feelings, and maybe even reduce the amount of leeching, just add a bunch of additional mission and accolades that are specific to FvK (the ACTUAL war). These could offer greater rewards for x number of FvK matches and another for wins in FvK matches. This wouldn't hurt the Feds who are content to play with themselves and would actually encourage participation in the WAR.

The inability to have cross faction teaming, even against the Borg or in private matches (where they can be on the same side but are unable to join teams) is pretty silly after all this time. One guy even had a theory that it was impossible because Klinks operated off of a different server, which is also the source of their over poweredness, lol.

I would like new PVP maps and I certainly wouldn't turn them away, but that's just more window dressing. Granted, if they ever open up the systems in the Neutral Zone to some good Open PVP that would help this problem a lot. I am concerned about getting another Solar Wind though... I really hate the effect that map has on my PC.

I really am not qualified to comment on ground combat since it's not my cup of tea, but the z-axis issue in space (curse you Cannon Blind Spot!) and insane ceilings/floors really hurt things in space. I could deal with Cryptic just causing things to loop from top to bottom and side to side as you've suggested, but I'd even be fine with it if they raised the floor and dropped the ceiling so that we were flying in a rectangle rather than a square. It's an odd limitation, but they created these environments (as few as their are available) so they should be used. Lots of unused space is no space at all.

I am concerned with the generally poor communication, and short sightedness in regards to PVP. You'll never find a more dedicated bunch being so woefully disregarded because they are in the minority. I'm sorry to sound so negative but it is easier to get caught up in the relatively major problems that have been around for entirely too long (or nice features that have been absent for too long). The truth is, I still like the game a lot, otherwise I wouldn't be spending so damned much time here. >_<