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07-05-2011, 10:18 AM
About those who have given disagreements on how I feel about the Team abilities and their ability to neutralize harmful effects..

This is a team base game. (Eh, sure, pun intended) So it should be necessary to have a tac in order to clear tac debuffs. A Sci for Sci debuffs. And an Engi for Engi debuffs out side of what your ship can handle on it's own. Let's not forget it's not like there aren't ships that have Lt Commander slots that are out side of their Class.. Such as the Excelsior, the Nebula, the MVAM, or the Vor'quv for example.

There are also things in the game that bother me from the PVE side that are in PVP, but it's more about the PVE then the PVP in that respect, such as Hargh'peng Torpedos being Fed Only right now. Heck, as it stands I'm almost expecting them to put those things on the C-Store at this point. I know they have plans to put them on a Klingon mission, but it's been a couple months now, you'd think they could have handled it by now...

As far as me being on the Dark side.. It's more of a year and five months disgruntled out of my life time subscription so far. I'd love to feel like I haven't wasted that money not just from that, but from all the C-store points I bought and spent to buy ships, Races, and other goodies along the way.