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Originally Posted by Kilawpilath View Post
About those who have given disagreements on how I feel about the Team abilities and their ability to neutralize harmful effects..

This is a team base game. (Eh, sure, pun intended) So it should be necessary to have a tac in order to clear tac debuffs.
The problem with that is that a reactive counter will always be weaker than an offensive attack. You would need to buff Science Team, Tactical Team and Engineering Team so that they are worth it on their own at the respective ranks. Engineering Team is probably the only one up there. Otherwise one guy just plays the rule of being the "counterer" and can't do anything else - but unlike a healer, you don't even know if there is something to counter (you definitely know that were will be something to heal).

I think the current "counter"-system works fine. It still forces players to make hard choices about what to put in their respective slots. It makes not having a Science team 1 on an Escort a potential risk, and having it a potential advantage. If only Science Team 3 can clear science debuffs, you'll probably end with no Escort ever again using Science Team 1, because he won't be able to use the ST anyway. Instead you get more HEs or TSSs.

I am not generally opposed to the idea that counters must work identical at all ranks against all ranks, but they must work in some way. The effect might be diminished in some way - maybe ST I counters 1 debuff, ST II 2 debuffs, and ST II 3 debuffs. Or maybe the counter takes into effect after a variable number of seconds depending on rank or rank difference.

Originally Posted by Azurian
But many of the things you pointed out is why I personally believe Cryptic needs to start Space Combat from scratch, because it has really gotten stupid with the Heal Builds, Dependance on Buffs and Resitances, and of course the Sci Spam. It's so bad it has made Elite Difficulty "easy". Some of us can even solo the space parts of the Cure and Infected (the current versions on the Holodeck).

Pretty much space has been trivailized and Cryptic knows it. Hopefully they will start their reinvisioning of space after they get the new Ground Combat all straightened out.
Look at the Ground Season 4 change:
1) A very tiny minority of people cared about ground combat.
2) It was not a full revamp (we still have kits, BOs, weapon-switching requirements, non-FPS), but it still took them over half a year to get it.
3) People are still not happy with the results (especially old "LOL Ground" PvPers)
4) People are somewhat happier with it, overall, particularly for PvE.

I think what Cryptic can do reasonably is rebalancing a few powers, doing tweaks. It won't reduce the buff, resistance or heal dependence at all: But that's not really a problem from a balance point of view. The problem is only the relative strengths of these, and a few outlying powers. I think that's a reasonable change to implement, and PvP will work just fine. It won't make you feel entirely like it's Startrek, because Science Vessels still create Tyken's Rift and people still yo-yo their health. But you will feel that every class and every power has a viable role, and there are many combinations to be used.

But going back further just means we are writing a new game system and hope that we get things right the first time around. That might happen if Cryptic was Blizzards and had a gazillion ton of money and time to get it right, but we're talking about Cryptic, a smaller firm with fewer resources.