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07-05-2011, 11:04 AM

One other thing that doesn't make sense is the global cooldown for team abilities.

If you pop an EPtS, it creates a 30 second global cooldown for another EPtS ability. But for EPtA, EPtE, and EPtW it only creates a 15 second global. Same thing applies to target subsystems.

Now, if you pop a ST, it creates a 15 second global for another ST. However, unlike the previous example it also creates a 15 second global for a TT or an ET. This flies in the face of how global cool-downs work for every other skill in the game and hurts variety (since people will usually only want to take at most two team abilities, often of the same type). At the very least, the global cooldown for dissimilar team abilities should be 7.5 seconds, or at the very least dropped down to 10sec.