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07-05-2011, 11:16 AM
Originally Posted by salvo85 View Post
I use a team with 3 engineers with weapon malfunction 1, shield recharge 2, phaser turret 2, phaser turret 3 (requires an engineer to train up ) all armed with full auto assault phasers.. for the fourth boff i use a science with gravimetric shift, to root them all in place, the tricorder scan to lower resists. (the actual power name eludes me though lol) and also medical tricorder and vascular regenerator. I usually can wipe an elite mob in seconds with that setup. because my boffs are all spamming exposes still while dealing massive dps with 2 turrets each and an expose full autto AoE attack debuffed enemy. I recomend you carry an auto-targeting assault ( basically a split beam rifle with longer cool down but more targets it hits at once) as your secondary for when entire mobs of like 7 guys get exposed at once.... They die super fast and especially since your tactical you will be extra dangerous adding your dps to the mix.
Sounds good. I'll take it tactical boffs aren't very useful on ground.