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# 18 Ground PVP and Skill Trees
07-05-2011, 10:20 AM
While i was reading responses, I realized I never really touched on how I feel about ground PVP. And yes, I have issues with ground..

Super Crits. While on tribble (mind you this isn't live yet, so I'm sure things may get changed here) I experienced a crit that made me litterally stare at the screen in shock and think to my self.. wtf? And it was a 950 damage from a Tac who crit me while flanking me. I looked at my health, and I saw that I only have 500ish Health. Now, my memory is foggy on if my shields were up or not, but I think they were doing well enough. And I believe I was wearing, at the time, my Energy Dampening Armor, and sure I was on my Tac as well, so my ability to buff my own resistances were next to nothing at best. But really? A shot that can almost kill me twice over? And I can't even react to it, can't defend against it, just Boom I'm dead. I guess sure, it makes sense in a realistic value of the same way a "head shot" in FPS should be an instant kill. But they have said they never intended to make the ground a FPS. So if that's the case... again.. wtf? I know it's possible to do that, constantly. It just sucks the fun out of it for me.

Tacs seem superior to all. Where in space, healing is over powered, on the ground, Damage is the way to go. It seems better to be able to one shot your opponent then it is to even bother being a science healer. Engineer also, despite it's toys and gimics, doesn't feel as useful, again, as another Tac.

Tacs are the only one that can buff weapons. While I like that they are the damage dealers, and it makes sense they are the weapon specalists, it would be awesome if Sci's could buff the damage of their own weapons (Pistols perhaps) and Engis could be more about Heavy Weapons, it would be nice to have the option to at least improve, maybe not to the same extent as a Tac, but improve damage some how, some way.

Now, I will admit, my views are on my experiences in ground PVP. And my Experiences have been ALOT less then some of the ground centralized PVP Fleets. But those above are things that bother me ALOT when I'm on the ground. So I appologize if those sound like "newb" statements. I personally would love to be able to play ground more. Get to know it's ins and outs. But in it's current state, not to mention with the way the skills are set up in the game currently, I haven't been interested..

Which brings me to another area that effects PVP just as much as PVE.. Skill trees..

The way skills are set up right now annoys the heck out of me at times. The Weapon skills rank at the TOP of that list. Why should it cost 500 points per rank for the "Tier 5", or any other Weapon in the game? And they all do the same thing.. buff the damage of the weapon (Save Tricobolts, good job with that!! ) That just boggles my mind right there.
Also, I've been a long time Diablo and World of ******** player. Probobly not as long as others out there that still play it to this day. But why not take similarites to their Skil ltrees, and make it where if you "Spec" in Antiproton, you get more out of it? Say greater Crit Severity. Maybe even some special added effect for training of a BO purpose for Tactical players that could get something fancy for training in it? Same with the other skills. Maybe if you max out Phasers you actually get the universal target subsystem powers that Science ships enjoy? I'm just throwing Ideas out there, but anything would be better then this so far.
It also bothers me how there feels like Science and Engineering get more they can train then a Tac. Or at least a Sci and an Engi have more useful skills for their class of ships then a Tac seems to have. Not to mention there seems to be less to choose from concerning Tacs in what BO powers they have. And that's in Space. Ground how ever things are abit more equal, though it bothers me that if you Train in the Tier 5 Abilities you can only train in either a version I or Version II of a power and rarely a Version III of a particular skill. Granted those only effect PVE. But it feels wrong.

Which brings me to Mines in the Skill trees and their BO powers... Which feel EXTREMELY useless to even spec around in PVP. What's the point of specing in the ability to train Dispersal Pattern 3 when it's better to have High Yield 3? Not to mention Mines do so little damage (Except for Tricobolts) they seem only useful for one thing: Procs. And if that's the case, then again, make it more worth spending those points. If your going to spend the points to have 9 Ranks in Chronoton, then the Proc should either Last Longer, or have a greater chance to proc. Not just increase the damage. I mean let's face it, Mines, in PVP, only have 2 Uses in this game: Spam, and Proc chance. They don't stop a ship from flying into a ball and killing a target. They aren't much of a deterant. They are simply an annoyance. Yet, in any space TV show or Movie I ever saw, Space Mine fields were DANGEROUS. They always caused great harm to ships that encountered them. Yet in this game, nothing. Maybe it's because of Shield resistances and capacities being so high. Maybe it's because of hull resistances being high. I don't know personally, but what ever it is, Mines have no true value in PVP except for maybe the special cases like Cloaking TRactor Mines, Tricobolts, and again, for the Proc, Chronoton. Which means the Dispersal Patterns are also equally Useless. Because who cares if you can launch more Mines? They don't really do that much anyway, and can't effect one out of those three mine types. So why bother?

Engineering Skills trees sseem to be the most balanced. They seem to give the most benifit. And it is nearly alwalys worth it to put 9 ranks into most of the Tier 3+ Skills because their effects are just that useful. Not to mention the Engineer Captian gets the most from the Training ability of those trainings.. all except 1 Skill: Subsystem Repair. This skill does nothing but wastes points. I've NEVER seen it work. Never been told it works. And it doesn't even Contribute to anything. If the Developers removed this skill from the game, no one would even notice it's gone except for the people who put points into it. And even then they'd be able to just put those points some where else and it wouldn't change a thing. Maybe it's a Broken skill. Maybe it just never got turned on. What ever the case there is no reason to even glance at that skill. It's so useless, I almost had to open the game just to remember what it was called..

Science skill trees are balanced and yet they aren't. There are some skills that just aren't worth using, like why bother with Photonic Shockwave 3 when Photonic Shockwave 1 gets the job done? I think some work could be done here to improve things more then they have already. And yes, I'm aware they have already done this before.

The ship and Training skills I have no problems with. They feel fine the way they are. It would be nice if they just Classified things perhaps a little better then they are right now, but it does give diversity to the game which is nice.

As a whole, there feels like there's just too much to need for Space, and just not enough need for the Ground portions of the game. You can almost get away with Sacrificing a few points for the Space part of the game, or not even put any points at all in Space, and still do fine on the ground. Granted probobly not going to One shot people, and your toys will get killed quickly, But you'd be alright. Even if you speced in ground, it actually feels like your sacrificing from Space more then ground at all. I'd love to see them give 2 Seperate trees to the game. One seperate tree for Space training an then a second one, that you get points towards seperately, for the Ground parts. They could then even Diversify ground more and add more too it.

Those are my issues with ground PVP and skill trees so far..