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07-05-2011, 02:19 PM
Originally Posted by Ankesdorel
Sounds good. I'll take it tactical boffs aren't very useful on ground.
With the revamp on tribble I find tactical boffs useful in a defensive role rather than offensive. having one with a couple ranks of overwatch made things a bit less eye gouging in that one build where everything on elite was doing way too much damage and 1-2 shotting entire away teams. Their other skill slots I filled with whichever skill it is that makes the entire team's normal attacks have a small expose chance.

My DPS boffs (again, post revamp) are engineers with weapon malfunction 1 (one of them has shield recharge 1), turret 1, turret 2, and support drone. With the speed that you move from fight to fight with the revamp, I've come to prefer the drone over a turret 3 skill, since it comes with you and saves some setup time.