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To any Klingon players who have Fed toons that have played my mission:

Would you be interested in an epic Klingon Foundry mission that lasted about two to three hours?

I tend to go heavy on the story-driven aspect and try to tie into existing Trek somehow. If you have a Fed toon and played my mission "The Second to Last Outpost", you'll get an idea of how long and involved the mission might be if I decide to go forward.

I was just wondering if this is something you Klingon players would play if I took the time to write the script and build it?

Of course, I would need good constructive criticism to do this right. I'd assume you'd want glorious battle, driving your enemies before you, hearing the lamentations of their women....but would you also like intrigue, deception, cloak-and-dagger, and outright betrayal?

Your thoughts here are welcomed!