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Originally Posted by Azurian View Post
I'll play Devil's Advocate here in that we should be grateful they gave us at least these Open PvP zones. And Klingons got a new town to play with. It's not much, but it's a start.

As I said for a while now, I honestly don't think Cryptic understands PvP or how to implement it. Just look at the War Zones in how they said how fun it was, but yet the only ones really competing are Feds looking for loot, while everyone else is PvPing for the sake of PvP.

And now we got these DSE Open PVP where they say it's fun for us to attack freighters while PvPing at the same time, yet you can't loot while being attacked, and those freighters have a limited time spawn. So even by the time you finish off the Feds, those Freighters are gone. So in the end those DSEs wouldn't be any different than Ker'rat. Which really makes their effort a complete waste of time.

We here on the forum told them exactly what to do and they respond with basically, "We don't know how to do that".

Territoral PvP is easy from my viewpoint, have a planet, Open Space PvP above it and there is no objective, people shoot at one another or try to prevent players landing on the planet. The planet is just a huge Open PvP zone where they could have respawning NPCs that have special objectives and you got one major point that has a respawn time of a day or so and players fight over that. All you need to do is keep somekind of score of what side one and presto. And the funny thing is basically the mechanics are already there in game via Ker'rat (minuse the Buggy Borg).

If they had the budget, they should hire a PvP specialist and help mould the game. If done right it would make STO something to play, because fighting for a real goal is actually funner than just score keeping. But that's me talking.
Territorial PvP may be "Easy" from your viewpoint; but unless you've implemented in in the Cryptic STO engine; you have no idea how easy it is, or isn't. Also, if you read the comments by DStahl, these open Frieghter PvP zones are their first step toward implementing a PvP Territory control game for STO - BUT, they want to test and itterate the base code before attempting it on a larger scale <---- And that what the these open Frieghter PvP zones are for.