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1: Ability to navigate y ship from brigde.
Even if this is just being on the bridge and bringing up the map and usign auto navigate. This really doeasnt need to that complicated. It could still use the same message dialogs what you arrive at a destination.
2: To make decisions about my ship that differ from the 1000 other admirals in the game.
we have the same consoles, same equiptment and the same weapons. how about a little crafting on what we have. That would allow the community to actually make changes to their ship that really differ from other ships. I know you think that everyone has this ability now but the current system is insufficuent.
3: Fix the freaking exchange.
It is horendous, seriously 2 million for everything interresting. Free market is one thing but it has gotten out of hand.
4:Stop beaming onto your own bridge. Just makt the charecter walk into the room. This makes no sense at all. i am not sure why this is so difficult.
5: All of the tv series state that the captain stays with the ship. How can a captain in a time of war leave the sip to get plant samples? this is not trek at all. This would open up the options that you play with you boffs, and first officer. i hope this is the model that you choose.
6: Fix the communications from npc and boff, it is so redundant at times. Example im an admiral but each time in the sirius section i am reminded how to navigate? i am told the same thing over and over again, defeat that ship, defend that base, search for this plant etc, am i the captain or am i the ensign.
7: Prioritize what you are working on. It has been almost 2 years of sto and you have done a good job, but focusing on "skins" that dont really enhance gameplay doesnt make sense. oh great i can make my character look like something else, but have the same gameplay. WOW Instead of having new ships and new weapons i can have 20 different types of uniforms.
8: Fix the non firing, ignore everything bridge officers. It is the most fustrating thing to see your boff just sitting there with a dumb look on their face, while you get shot.
9: Add formations to the waypoint system. This would increase the effectiveness of ground combat exponetionally.
10: Allow more designs for ships. This is crucial to this game. This is one of the main selling points for the game i think. You allowed users to be individual with all of the costime designs and all of the different uniforms. Why not the ships. You can even charge it as a cstore item. Ship crafting / ship building. Imagine how many people will go for that?
11: In every episode of tng they reference going to a starbase, for this or that. We have a handfull in sto. nuff said
12: Remive the traffic cops from the sector space. Am i a captain or a taxi paying tolls on a bridge.
13: Remove the level cap, actually make being an admiral an achevable rank. This limits the mmo experience, since once at the top you have almost nothing to play for.
14: Add variety to missions. I thought we are at war, what happened to surprise when you go somewhere. How about some missiont that are not scripted to death. You go somehwere and all of a sudden you are attacked. Not, your boff telling you somthing and then a random adminral cosigning it saying oh yeat attack them.
15: Startrek was never about killing everything that you see. Several episodes / seasons revolved around being the better person. Now there is no remorse. Destroy everything in site complete the task. what about disabling a ship or evading a ship with creativity. The current mission layouts remove all creativity from the game. It is simply engadge enemy destroy enemy, read propmt from boff then complete mission.

Just some of the issue i have witht he current state of the game