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07-05-2011, 10:10 PM
Thanks for the reply Heretic!

With things like "Experimental Deflector" will these just give us rewards with quality based on success (Green success, blue super success) or will these actually be new or unique items that we couldn't get from a standard drop pool.

I guess a more simplified version of that would be; Are the rewards unique to the Assignment system or are they just pulled from standard loot tables?

Is there a chance of us seeing these experimental items offer perhaps upon a "Crit Success" a special unique that is part of a set with set bonuses that are only available through a Crit success on these various missions?

It'd be great to go into some desolate outpost and get an assignment that says "Volatile Eperiment - Deflector" and get an assignment with a high fail and crit fail rate that can give me a crit success reward with great advantages...something I could do say once a week...