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so with the current refit ships set up, a lotta the base tier 5 ships are getting a bit "long in the tooth" advancement etc is fine, but I think it'd be nice to see some of these designs, which are after all, supposed to be some of the newest and or most powerful vessels in starfleet, given some attention to give em a little more oomph at end game.

now the MVAM promethus refit you can buy has got me thinking. the special mode for this ship is basicly activated via a console, seems to me that cryptic could take this console approuch and expand it, to provide each of the tier 5 classes a special "class unique console" at vice admiral that gives it a new and intresting ability.

Let's take the assault cruiser for example. it's long held up as one of the designs that got hurt the most by refits, with the exclesior being widely considered, simply better.
I propose an assault cruiser "Torpedo turret" that when equipped in a console slot will increase the fireing arc of the ships torpedos.
I think over all many cruiser skippers would be VERY happy to downgrade from a tatical officer, to a lt and ensign tac officers if it ment their torpedos had a dual beam weapons fireing arc. Cryptic could of course offer these items in the store for those unintrested in grinding the number of emblems required.