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Originally Posted by robbiejamieelliot1987
Heretic I am sure you have gotten to play around with this system on your own test servers, whats your fav part of the system as it stands now? What are you most looking forward to with the system in the future?
Systemically, probably the way the commendation category progression interacts with new assignments and rewards.

Specifically, the KDF Marauder assignments...there's just something strangely satisfying about plundering "scientific" outposts (come on, we both know you guys were doing weapons research there! ) for commodities and prisoners that can then be sent to forced labor camps on the frontiers.

I'm a bad man. Fortunately, I have long since come to terms with that fact.

As for looking forward, I really want to see the system thoroughly integrated with your ship interior and standard missions, ground and space.

Originally Posted by Powerhelm View Post
Has there been any thought put toward offering some of the "small time" items from the Cstore as rewards? Perhaps a crit success in a Gamma Orionis sector assignment grants you a borg tribble? Pelia grants undine tribble?

Are there currently any sectors that don't/won't have assignments at launch? Are there plans to roll out assignments as they are made or perhaps flavored assignments with some featured episodes? Be cool to go to the Gamma Quadrant and get an assignment that rewards a jem'hadar modified polaron rifle or some such...

C-Store items as rewards probably aren't going to happen; it's a business thing. On the other hand, it is very much part of the plan to make sure that there are different but parallel rewards you can't get from C-Store at all.

For sectors without assignments at launch that we would like to have them for, I would really like to have some for the ground social zones like Starfleet Academy and Qo'noS, but at this point the timing may be tough to make that happen - if things go smoothly on Tribble...maybe.

Assignments will almost certainly be rolled out in tandem with featured episodes that specifically tie into those episodes. As for in between featured series, that probably depends on the timing and what else is happening on the schedule internally.

As for schematics, right now there is a KDF assignment where you can hack into Memory Alpha and get schematics as a reward; still need to come up with a Federation equivalent mechanic, but not sure yet the best one to use. Maybe something on the Exploration track that is archaelogically flavored.