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07-06-2011, 12:59 AM
wait, please please please tell us your are going to give us kdf slave trading and bounty hunting and a use for the brig, if you do i will do your work for a year for free.

ow man the possibilitys, the marauder system, you send your doffs off to capture a renegade of the empire, they bring him back and put him in the brig, you go down and question him, you can take him to rora pentha or kill him on the spot, maybe he has a treasure map or the coords for a big fed secret base you never know the guy might be deadly and you allow him to join your crew as a doff depending on how hard it was to get them. or worse, sell them to the ferengi traders for a profit for a full brig and jucy rewards drooooooool

btw if your thinking of a fed varient for the kdf hacking mem alpha why not go with the voyager one where the kdf had created tech for her to go back in time. not a time machine but you could drop the equiv schem for doing it.